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University of Nairobi


Diasporic Synergies: Conceptualizing African entrepreneurial teams based upon trans-continental networks

Dr. Eliada Nwosu

Title: Diasporic Synergies: Conceptualizing African entrepreneurial teams based upon trans-continental
Within the turn of the century, the concept of the African diaspora is increasingly shaping emerging
ideas in African development discourse within and beyond the continent. This study seeks to explore
how the globalization of African citizenry has formulated trans-national networks of Africans that inform
a novel emergence of diaspora-driven entrepreneurial teams. Acknowledging the variation of political
and structural conditions across African regions, this paper will attempt to postulate how regional geopolitical,
cultural, and historical trends have lent to distinct and context-specific features of transnational
networks for respective African regions, and in turn, the diverse development of diasporic
entrepreneurial teams. This paper aims to build a compelling argument for propositions across four
major themes towards the construction of a general conceptual framework. 1)the relationship between
regional political, structural, and institutional conditions and the movement of peoples that results in
the spatial and cultural areas of group interaction and network formation, and consequently, the various
compositions of African entrepreneurial teams; 2) the relationship between regional conditions and
regional success in forming and harnessing trans-national networks to establish local entrepreneurial
endeavors; 3) the consideration of how entrepreneurial teams of various African regions may facilitate
internal processes of collaboration and cooperation towards the success of their enterprise; 4) the
consideration of the means by which diasporic teams of various regions engage with their home
societies so as to administer their progress. Ultimately, the paper combines a macro-level analysis of the
globalization of the African person and identity to the micro-level analysis of the localization of
economic empowerment and development. In reconciling these levels of analysis – via the
methodologies of historical and context analysis - the authors attempt to convey propositions that will
lay the groundwork for future empirical examination in hopes of accurately depicting Africa’s global
presence and its contributions to development through enterprising ventures and the building of local

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